The Power Flour Journey 2018

March 11 9am – 1pm Stillness Walk Huize Wylerberg, Beek Berg en Dal The Netherlands

12 countries, 183 days, 10000 people, 16000 kilometers and 1 message: CONNECTION.

When the new consciousness develops, we see that all life is the same;
that we are all connected and that every single being wishes to be happy.

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Creating a new earth

I love music, people, travel, nature, stories, humour, food and sharing together; it gives me strength, energy, joy and inspiration. During a enjoyable workshop in Santorini Greece, in which we experienced all of these facets, I saw how beautiful these facets connect people and the powerful positive energy it gives when you experience that there is so much more which connects us than that which divides us. Within the simple experience of connecting with each other lies the powerful positive Live Now inspiration for something new. I am going to make a Journey from Hamburg to Santorini to share this Live Now inspiration with as many people possible, from 6 to 106 years of age, in as many places as possible. The inspiration experienced through a song, a dance, a story or a meeting teaches us a lot more about our life than we could have ever learned at school.


Creating a new consciousness

 Life isn’t as serious as your mind makes it out to be 

Weekend Workshops, Inspiration Circles, Stillness Walks and Stand-Up Talks form the core of The Power Flour Journey in which we feed and share our inspiration. In five clear, simple and concrete steps, we continually practice through the transition from the old to the new consciousness, from a reactive life lived from the head to a
creative life lived from the heart.

These 5 forms are:
1. storytelling,
2. dance and bodywork,
3. The Power of NOW Triad based on the Eckhart Tolle Teachings,
4. meditation and
5. sharing of self-backed Power Flour bread.

From this base we create the art and joy of living; the awareness of loving daily life for ourselves and the world around us.


Creating new ways

Letting go of your head and finding your heart step by step

Life is an adventure to share; we may wonder what we have to share: a lot! We can dance, we can talk, we can breathe; we can laugh and help someone else to laugh! We can bake, cut and share bread together. There are so many ways in which we can help each other:

Provide material

Financial support, each donation counts!

Be a travel companion for a couple of days or weeks

Participate in a Weekend Workshop, Inspirational Circle, Stillness Walk or Stand-Up Talk

Produce a Weekend Workshop, Stillness Walk or a Stand-Up Talk

I need people who want to take part in this Journey, each in his or her way, near or far, directly or indirectly; to show and celebrate that we can create a new earth.


Creating the change

Born to be the change: we can only take your first step Now 

From 1 April 2018 to 30 September 2018, The Power Flour Journey travels from Kekerdom-Netherlands, via Hamburg – Germany to Santorini – Greece (zigzagging through 12 countries over 16.000 kilometres) and I love to meet as many small and larger groups as possible in all these countries (see schedule below). During this journey it is possible for you (!) to organize/produce a Weekend Workshop, Stillness Walk or Stand-up Talk. 

Weekend workshops will be organized in Linz(Austria) and Athens(Greece). These workshops will offer you a beautiful, life changing and deeply inspiring combination of Eckhart Tolle Teachings (Evert van de Ven) and 5Rhythms dance meditation (Caroline van de Ven, Accredited 5RTeacher). If you would like to produce an additonal weekend workshop, please get in touch with me!

One day Inspirational Circles already take place in Heerlen (NL) and Düsseldorf (BRD) and are scheduled for the rest of the journey;  you can still join these circles.

Stand-up Talks take 2-3 hours and consists of five parts: storytelling, bodywork and dance, The power of NOW Triad, meditation and sharing of self-baked Power Flour bread. The organizer/producer of the talk takes care of space, people, route and a € 150 fee per talk.

A Stillness Walk consists of a meditation of 15 minutes and a walk of max. 10 kilometers. The organizer/producer of the walk takes care of space, people, route and a € 10 fee per person.

(All activities will be offered in English, Dutch or German) 

Creating support

Lighting your fire for a new earth

For The Journey I need a budget of € 24,000, – for fuel and the hire of a van, PR material, preparation costs, rent for venues, the purchase of bread ovens and mobile music equipment; these supplies could also be donated or loaned to the Power Flour Journey. A part of the amount will be collected from the Workshops, Inspirational Circles, Stillness Walks and Stand-Up talks, but I will mostly need that for my daily costs for food and overnight stays.  Crowd funding is a vital part of raising supplies and money.
I would be grateful for your support! 

Stichting The Spirit, IBAN: NL 16 TRIO 0390187585, Nijmegen, Power Flour Journey. 

For all support, information or questions, please contact me!


March 11 Stillness Walk Huize Wylerberg, Beek Berg en Dal, The Netherlands

Rijksstraatweg 178, 6573 DG Beek-Berg en Dal


Creators of the Power Flour Journey

Thank you so much for your contribution!!

Silvija Tomcik, Zagreb, Croatia; Cathrien van de Veerdonk, Nijmegen, The Netherlands; Sanne van Slooten, Nijmegen, The Netherlands; Qader Shafiq, Nijmegen, The Netherlands; Nienke Boeijenga, Mensingeweer, The Netherlands; Dineke de Velde Harsenhorst, Nijmegen, The Netherlands; Bart Spijkerboer, Nijmegen, The Netherlands; Jan van de Ven, St Truiden, Belgium; Lisa Moser, Neukirchen/Salzburg, Austria; Annie Neve, Santorini, Greece; Marjolein Baltussen, Nijmegen, The Netherlands; Thomas Zerbst, Berlin, Germany; Erik Thoma, Freiburg, Germany; Merel Holleboom, Nijmegen, The Netherlands; Jos Penders, Beek-Limburg, The Netherlands; Frits Ottens, Nijmegen, The Netherlands; Marianne Nentwig, München, Germany; Martine Amsing, Nijmegen, The Netherlands; Job Tuerlings, Nijmegen, The Netherlands; Richard Hermans, Maastricht, The Netherlands; Joyce Metze, Maastricht, The Netherlands; Mille Trieling, Arnhem, The Netherlands; Josien Ontskul, Ede, The Netherlands, Bianca Lopez, Veldhoven, The Netherlands; Pieternel Janssen, Nijmegen, The Netherlands; Andy Puhl, Doetinchem, The Netherlands; Jan Dillen, Lier, Belgium; Els van Outvorst, Duiven, The Netherlands; Jan Bommerez, Santa Barabara, USA;  Marieke van de Ven, Nijmegen, The Netherlands; Margreet  Hertsenberg, Ooij, The Netherlands; Jeanneke van de Ven, Brussel, Belgium; Jos de Klerk, Oss, The Netherlands; Christine Hendrix, Beek Berg en Dal, The Netherlands; Andre Ernst, Zevenaar, The Netherlands; Caroline van de Ven, Beek Berg en Dal, The Netherlands; Arati Heleen Bonte, Nijmegen, The Netherlands;Matthijs Mackaaij, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands; Ine van der Veen, The Netherlands; Ina Leupertz, Kleve, Germany; Hildegard Lintzen, Hassum, Germany; Verena Cavallini, ,Karlsruhe, Germany; Silvio and Tamar Souren, Heerlen, The Netherlands;Dieuwerke van de Ven, , Driebergen, The Netherlands; Franz-Theo Lintzen, Hassum, Germany; Silvia Gehlen, Kleve, Germany;Joost Kleppe,Nijmegen The Netherlands; Marjolein Baltussen, ,Nijmegen, The Netherlands;Marjorie Slooff, ,Nijmegen, The Netherlands



Schedule of the Journey April 1 – September 30

(all activities will be in English, German and/or Dutch)

(update February 5)

February 2018

February 17, Inspirational Circle Eckhart Tolle teachings, Heerlen, The Netherlands


March 2018

March 11, Stillness Walk, Huize Wylerberg, Beek Berg en Dal, The Netherlands

March 17, Inspirational Circle Eckhart Tolle teachings, Düsseldorf, Germany

March 25, Stillness Walk, Ooijpolder, Huiskamercafe Oortjeshekken, Ooij, The Netherlands


April 2018

April 1, Start of the Power Flour Journey! , Waard van Kekerdom, Kekerdom, The Netherlands

April 8, Stillness Walk, Hamburg, Germany

April 14, Inspirational Circle Eckhart Tolle teachings, Heerlen, The Netherlands

April 21, Workshop, Berlin, Germany

April 22, Stillness Walk, Berlin, Germany



May 2018

May 5, Live-Now Workshop, Brussels, Belgium

May 6, Stillness Walk, Brussels, Belgium

May 12, Inspirational Circle Eckhart Tolle teachings, Düsseldorf, Germany

May 19, Freiburg, Germany

May 26, Basel, Switzerland


June 2018

June 2, Ancona, Italy

June 9, Inspirational Circle Eckhart Tolle Teachings, Heerlen, The Netherlands

June 15, Introduction workshop, Salzburg, Austria

June 17, Workshop, Neukirchen, Austria

June 24, Live-Now Workshop Eckhart Tolle Teachings, Bratislave, Slovakia


July 2018

July 7, Inspirational Circle Eckhart Tolle Teachings, Düsseldorf, Germany

July 14, Live-Now Workshop Eckhart Tolle Teachings, Karlsruhe, Germany

July 15, Stillness Walk, Baden-Baden, Germany

July 28, Live Now Workshop, Kosici, Slovakia


August 2018

August 4 Live Now Workshop Boedapest, Hungary

August 17, 18, 19 and 20 4-day Workshop, Athens, Greece


September 2018

September 15, Live Now Workshop, Ljublijana, Slovenia

September 22, Live Now Workshop, Munich, Germany

September 23, Stillness Walk, Munich, Germany


September 30, End of the Power Flour Journey and Return at De Waard van Kekerdom, Kekerdom, The Netherlands