19 June 2018 Evert van de Ven

Into the woods

For one year I asked Lisa Moser whether she knew someone in Austria who could help me with organizing events for the Power Flour Journey, her answer came the same day: yes, me! And from there the co-creation was smooth, easy and precise. On Friday June 15 we had a Dance Now evening in Salzburg. Lisa offered her meditation dance practice and at the beginning and in the middle I offered light bodywork and stillness meditation inspired by the work of Eckhart Tolle. It was a lovely combination and a beautiful evening. A soft landing for me of offering the teachings in Austria for the first time.

The next day I had the pleasure of taking people on a Stillness Walk, which was co-created by Emmerich Lehner and Suzanne Standingen. We gathered in Suzanne’s amazing winter garden, where we listened to the sound of the small river going passed her lovely house and she took us out into the silence of the fields and woods. What a joy!! On our way we stopped a couple of times, just to dive a little bit more into ourselves, into the silence and into the great connection of awareness, breath, body, sound, sun and earth. To our great surprise she had also made us a delicious lunch….what a treat!

Sunday June 17 I gave a Live-Now Workshop at Lisa’s & Hayo’s retreat centre: Into the woods, in Neukirchen near Salzburg. For a year it has been an address, no image of it, no idea to what kind of place I was actually going. Driving up a steep and curving slope in first gear for a mile with my old camper was a next level of trusting my Mercedesbenzie; the grid under the tires made a loud noise and the further I got the more I hoped I had taken the right turn…the more I recalled Lisa saying ‘it is quite in the middle of nowhere’….and with every bent in the road I hoped to find this sign: ‘welcome in the middle of nowhere’…..as I also realized….there’s no possible way to turn my camper…here…or now. And suddenly out of nothingness I heard Lisa’s voice….hi Evert you’re almost there. I parked my car as Robert Redford in Out of Austria…I made it.

Into the woods is an oasis where time doesn’t exist, nature is overwhelmingly beautiful, stillness is tangible; without any effort you simply fall into slow motion and surrendering to the world of your senses. Hayo Stam created this peaceful place –with an amazing tree hut- and together with Lisa, they fine tuned it and opened up the space for retreats. Me as lucky bastard being the first one to make us of it! Thank you so much Hayo and Lisa!

I could feel as the group one by one arrived that they had also left time and a lot of their troublesome minds behind down below in the valley. They opened up…listened, felt, moved, danced, meditated, saw, smelt, laughed, ate, drank, cried….became silent…and felt the depth and ease of ‘I am’ beyond the senses….this field of being beyond the chattering mind and the feeling of disconnection. The wonder of being alive. The wonder of breath. The wonder of each cell of the body being endlessly  massaged by breath. Sensing instead of answering the question: who am I?


Neukirchen, June 19