29 May 2018 Evert van de Ven


Coming back from a rather long walk through the fields and woods surrounding Freiburg, I went for a drink in a pub near the University. The atmosphere in this neighborhood is very lively, fresh, sparkling and creative; this combined with the sunshine, a gentle breeze and a magnificent Weizen beer was so delightful to my senses.

Thereafter I went for a stroll on the University Compound and when I entered the main building I was struck by a very gloomy and darkish sculpture by Bettina Eichin, tucked away in a corner, Die neun Musen, The Nine Muses. It was as my breathing suddenly stopped and an almost overwhelming feeling of sadness and fear came over me. I gasped for some air, what a contrast to how I was feeling just a few minutes before.

In my meditation instructions I often refer to the inbreath as a moment of taking new life force, new inspiration, new energy in. I invite people to really connect with this natural phenomena that does not ask any effort, control or directing. Our breath is simply there, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; what a miracle! Just letting the flow of breath in, through and out. To just simply connect with this wonder, instead of immediately using this new energy or new inspiration for an activity in some sort of form as we modern human-doings tend to do. How interesting from the moment I was confronted with this sculpture, my natural flow of breathing was suddenly gone.

These disconnected look-a-like muses were, robbed from their instruments, totally lost in grief and apathy and looked like waiting for some new inspiration, reanimation or a kiss of life. Apparently no longer aware of the fact that that’s exactly what they use to offer us. If they represent the present state of our inspiration, than the only thing that can come out of it is: we all become look-a-likes as well. That we’re all just looking for ‘likes’, thumbs up and thumbs down, success and failure, black and white, in or out….

Ooooo thank you mother nature, suddenly there comes this inbreath again…fills me up, lifts me up and makes it clear to me that it was just a trick of the ego trying to get me back into endless and fearful thinking.



Badenweiler, May 29