Coming back from a rather long walk through the fields and woods surrounding Freiburg, I went for a drink in a pub near the University. The atmosphere in this neighborhood is very lively, fresh, sparkling and creative; this combined with the sunshine, a gentle breeze and a magnificent Weizen beer was so delightful to my senses.

Thereafter I went for a stroll on the University Compound and when I entered the main building I was struck by a very gloomy and darkish sculpture by Bettina Eichin, tucked away in a corner, Die neun Musen, The Nine Muses. It was as my breathing suddenly stopped and an almost overwhelming feeling of sadness and fear came over me. I gasped for some air, what a contrast to how I was feeling just a few minutes before.

In my meditation instructions I often refer to the inbreath as a moment of taking new life force, new inspiration, new energy in. I invite people to really connect with this natural phenomena that does not ask any effort, control or directing. Our breath is simply there, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; what a miracle! Just letting the flow of breath in, through and out. To just simply connect with this wonder, instead of immediately using this new energy or new inspiration for an activity in some sort of form as we modern human-doings tend to do. How interesting from the moment I was confronted with this sculpture, my natural flow of breathing was suddenly gone.

These disconnected look-a-like muses were, robbed from their instruments, totally lost in grief and apathy and looked like waiting for some new inspiration, reanimation or a kiss of life. Apparently no longer aware of the fact that that’s exactly what they use to offer us. If they represent the present state of our inspiration, than the only thing that can come out of it is: we all become look-a-likes as well. That we’re all just looking for ‘likes’, thumbs up and thumbs down, success and failure, black and white, in or out….

Ooooo thank you mother nature, suddenly there comes this inbreath again…fills me up, lifts me up and makes it clear to me that it was just a trick of the ego trying to get me back into endless and fearful thinking.



Badenweiler, May 29

Meditation on becoming famous

It started with just a post on Facebook, one in a billion a day, of a guy in Freiburg who’s music was inspired by the work of Eckhart Tolle. I listened to it and I believed his voice, his words and his music, it felt very authentic to me. So I got in touch with him if he was in for a co-creation, his music combined with my awareness training as part of the Power Flour Journey. I explained to him that I always use music in my trainings and that live music gives such an extra dimension, as it is created on the spot…right here and now…what more do you want for a Live Now Workshop.

Erik Git Thoma, the singer-song writer, didn’t give it a second thought and agreed straight away. So we had a few chats, mainly about soccer, over the phone and yesterday was the day we first met in order to get our story straight for the Live Now Workshop we are due to offer coming Friday in Freiburg. We met in a small Biergarten –no I’m not going to say it- and it was brief and nice; a handshake, a hug, a cup of coffee that didn’t come through as the new waitress forgot all about it. We agreed to meet again today, doing an experiment in the city center with Git playing his music and me trying to get people into a connective meditation circle.

It was quiet on this very spring like Pentecost Monday as we arrived on the square near the beautiful Munster of Freiburg. We unpacked our stuff near a fountain in which a pair of ducks felt totally at ease with us being around witnessing their spring game. There weren’t many people around but Erik’s music very fast drew the sincere attention of a young boy sitting with his parents and younger brother enjoying an ice cream. He stood up, came closer and with his arms folded over his chest he listened very carefully.

He moved back to his table to join his family again, came up to us to throw some money in Erik’s guitar case – 7,30€ he collected so no dessert today- , went back again and circling around us like a very shy young tiger waiting for the right moment to come in for his very first kill…. The music stopped and there he was….’can I have your signature please?’, he politely asked. Erik got his pen out and a piece of paper, wrote his signature down and with a big smile he gave it to the boy full of wonder. ‘Thank you, this is my first signature of a famous person…’. And off he went, showing his treasure to his family members. What a beautiful meditation we had.

Freiburg May 21

Sun, shadow and rust

I was thrilled that my eldest sister Jeanneke wanted to organize the first Stillness Walk in Belgium for the Power Flour Journey and she suggested the Zoniënwoods -dating back to the year 1000AD- near Brussels could be a perfect place for such a walk. And so it was!

Enormous beech trees with tree trunks that climbed up like pillars in a straight line for over 20-25 meters into the endless blue sky, before they spread out their might and strength into tall branches eventually ending up in very subtle, soft, fresh green just unfolding leaves. Not yet leaves though, altogether they formed a majestic transparent green roof and although a soft breeze was playing in it, no rustling sound could be heard. Their form still so delicate, even when I touched them on the small one year old sprouts near the ground, I really could not feel what it was these leaves were made off… tender and delicate, like the wings of a caterpillar just transformed into a butterfly. Such a world of wonder.

After the Stillness Walk I was sitting in a friends garden and I saw the sun producing clear cut black shadows of solid iron bars on a concrete base. The bars stayed unmoved and stubborn in place and the shadows performed a slow and gentle pirouette around them. The brighter the sun, the clearer the shadow…..without the sun there would not even be a shadow, but the bars were reluctant to bother about that. On this side of the iron structure there was a pattern of irregular rust patches formed over years, totally independent of the sunshine; a lasting and undeniable echo so it seemed of the shadows. It simply marked the inevitable slow crumbling process of even the most solid looking structure and its shadow.

Hoeilaart, May 5 – 2018.